Apple Sauce vs. Apple Juice

Apple Juice




Apple Sauce



hahahahaha. ourworld marriage

You heard correctly! Soon you’ll be able to marry people!

I personally don’t like the idea of giving teens the option of marrying online.
Seems wrong.

BUT, it’s my job to blog so…. i’ll tell you.

It’ll start off by you sending the person you want to marry on of these following gifts:


Once you’ve done that, they will get the gift and have the option to “Accept” or “Not Now”. Meaning to  ’Accept’ to marry you.

This update is expected at the end of the month, but may be later.

What do you think of this update?

FAMILY’S, and new maximum .-.

Believe it or not, but YES, on next update, we’ll be able to create and manage our own families!

It’s very simple,

  • Be level 100.


  • Find a spouse (also level 100)


  • Adopt kids!

All family’s have a flow boost.
The higher level your kids are, the higher the flow boost is!
When new members are added to the family, the family tree in your profile grows!


And while I’m at it, maximum level will be changed to 150!


Toolbar Gem Code:
Facebook Gem Code:
Monthly Gem Code:
Play ourWorld~
Playtest Coupon Codes: (these expire October 31, 2012)
* 250 Gems: 5772-71EB-E7AF-3912
* 2,000,000 Coins: E977-BFD5-D45B-88DE


Here are the 2012 Trick-Or-Treat items!




  • Fright Box 2009 – Super Rare
  • Fright Box 2010 – Super Rare
  • Fright Box 2011 – Super Rare
  • Fright Box 2012 – Super Rare
  • Pumpkin On Your Head – Super Rare
  • Dusk Lady / Lord Cape – Rare
  • Skull Rock Dress – Rare
  • Skull Rock Tank-Top – Rare
  • Skull Rock Tigh-Highs – Rare
  • Skull Rock Pants – Rare





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